Some Post-Book Comments

On 28 April 2016, Pete Swanie wrote:

Hi Kelway

Thanks for your help with the Umko project!

The book is available online

Go to –

Cheers – Pete


Hey Rory

At last!

Go to –


On 30 Apr 2016, Rory John Lynsky wrote:

Morning Pete

I’ve just finished paging through UMKO50 and congratulations to you and all those involved in this fine book, through the editing, design to the final production.

Its a great tribute to the river, the race and to the many folk who have paddled and worked on the riverbank over the years.

Extracting information from long memories and writing can be a laborious task, but you’ve conquered this more than adequately – given the wealth of anecdotal material spread through the book; looking back, but also rooted in the present and the future. And great aerial photos and cartoons !

Well done


PS: This calls for a few rounds on the house down at KCC ?


On 2016/04/30 10:33, Rowan Rasmussen wrote:

Have to agree with all that Rory said. I’ve looked at it on line only as I await my High Class Leather-Bound Edition. What a great effort guys!

Kind regards,



Hey thanks fellas.

Couldn’t have happened without you guys.

As long as people read the intro and take it all with a pinch of salt I think its been worth it. I’m just glad we’ve got SOMETHING down on paper. Too many good memories get lost.

I’m putting all the source material on You can go there and check to see if you have a personal page. Its all the stuff you wrote to me “as is” without editing. You can now edit, tidy, add, subtract, add pictures, your results, etc by writing in the “comment” section or by emailing me.

Gradually we will get a whole list of personalised pages where each guy can have all his Umko memories online for posterity.

If you don’t have a page, email me and I’ll open one.

Then you could add your Dusi stuff or whatever you wanted. Make it the start of your memoirs. Your great-grandkids will be chuffed.



PS Rory: The Umko boys did have a gathering at KCC club post-Umko. Race and book sponsors were there and free ales and wine and a curry flowed.


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