Brian Hoogewerf – hot rock steaks

Hi Pete,

Sorry remiss of me for not coming back sooner. Have been invited to join Charles Mason and Rob Bourne Lange for a Braai on coming Sunday  the 6th September and will exchange Umko stories and report back a day or two later.

Trust ok with you – Regards – Brian

To: Brian Hoogewerf
Subject: Re: The Umko

Hi Brian
Gentle nudge: Send us your thoughts and feelings on what the Umko has meant to you.
People have been talking about you, you need to give us your version!
Thanks – Cheers – Pete Swanie – Also pics if you have!


Hi Brian
Gentle nudge.
Here’s what some have written about you:

Hoogewerf’s Hot Rocks

Another year of novel catering was at the stop the year Brian Hoogewerf provided the meat and the fire. And no tongs or braai grids! Young novices milled about, drooling. Old hands marched down to the river, found some smooth flat rocks and placed them in the fire. Soon the smell of sizzling hot rock steaks filled the air. You’d pay a fortune for those at a restaurant and they were thoroughly enjoyed. So much so that when Doc Curson ventured to criticise the catering at the post-race evaluation in the Oceanview Hotel, a fiery Rob Bourne-Lange made it known in no uncertain terms that his partner’s catering had, in fact, been World-Class!!
Cheers – Pete Swanie


On 2015/05/25 10:42, Brian Hoogewerf wrote:

Good Morning Pete,

Just in the middle of driving some tricky price increases through this week but look forward to making a contribution to your initiative at the weekend.

Great idea – Regards – Brian

On 25 May 2015, at 9:32 AM, pete swanepoel home <> wrote:

  1. Your stories.
    Whether with Charles or not. Whether on the river or off.
    Anything Umko-related.
    I know you’re too much  like Charles, so please don’t be modest. You don’t need to write neatly or exactly. Even just the bare bones of a story is enough. Just so that the incident is remembered, not forgotten.
    I’ve learnt that compiling enough words for a book ain’t easy!3. Names of other people you think should have input.

    Thanks a lot guys! – Cheers now – Pete Swanie

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