Sources & Inspiration

Ian Player – 1964 – Men, Rivers and Canoes (re-issued in 2006 by Jim Phelps)

Rob Gouldie – 2006 – Duzi Fever (about his paddling 1955 to 1962)

Charles Mason – private writings, KCC publications, plus editing of the book

Rory Lynsky – private writings, KCC publications, plus editing of the book

Rob Davey – Don’t call him the New Mr Umko, but he is

Geoff Caruth – private writings, KCC publications

Andre Hawarden – Sketches, maps and private writings

William Nealy – 1981 – Whitewater Home Companion

Jasper Pons and Stuart Roberts at

100-odd Odd Umko paddlers in private correspondence


Other known canoeing or river books by South African paddlers (are there more?):

Carel Birkby – 1953 – In the sun I’m rich – Down the Pongola & Maputo Rivers

Willem van Riet – 1964 – Stroom af in my Kano (Limpopo, Pongola, Cunene Rivers)

Clive Lawrance – 1986 – Graeme Pope-Ellis, the Dusi King

Rory Pennefather – 1991 – Canoeing in South Africa

Tim Whitfield & Steve Camp – 2000 – Paddling & Portaging, 50yrs of the Duzi

Tim Biggs – 2007 – Three Rivers of the Amazon

Celliers Kruger – 2008 – African Veins volume 1

Nigel & David Briggs – 2011 – Down the Dusi in the great canoe race

Hendri Coetzee – 2013 – Living the best day ever

Also inspired by:

Frederick S Dellenbaugh – 1908 – A Canyon Voyage (on the 1869 Powell trip)

John Wesley Powell – 1970 – Down the Colorado (from Powell’s diaries of the 1869 trip)

My own one Umko in 1983 – In the good old days! A long one (130km) but not one of the really Long Four.

River trips and trip companions over the years from 1969 – Trips on the Wilge (FS); Lake of the Woods, Canada; Dusi; Tugela; Umzimkulu; Umko; Lake St Lucia; Orange; Vaal; Nhabe river in Botswana – yes, I have kayak’d the Kalahari; Zambesi river in Zimbabwe (rafted); Ocoee river in Tennessee; Colorado river in Arizona;

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It's about life, marriage, raising kids, paddling rivers, travel in Africa . . . re-posting thoughts written over decades - at random, I'm afraid.

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