Officials & Sponsors

Officials and Sponsors over the years:

(listed in random order just so as not to forget them. Please add names in the comments below so we can be as inclusive as possible)

Charles Mason – Charlie
Geoff Dyer
Peter Mountford – Pete the Pom
Hamish Hean
Allie Peter – warthog slayer ala Asterix
John Oliver – The Bearded One
Ernie Alder – The Bespectacled One, Carruthers
Rob Davey
Bill Barron – Durban’s oldest teenager
Mike Bell
Ross Poacher
Terry Drummond
Other KCC chairmen & race co-ordinators
Colin Roets of Crusaders – Ballie
Butch Aylward
Colin Mercer
Dave Williams -Jesus
Don Johnston – Pickhandle chef
Ozzie Gladwin, timekeeper
Angus “Anguish” Sinclair, timekeeper
Dr Alan Curson ‘Doc’ – Umko Bush Doctor Legend
Dr Sir Rodney Ingles – Bakkie Tailgate Plastic Surgeon
Dr David Gillmer – Honda Heart Specialist

Also Sponsors
Pepsi Cola
STIHL (Dave Hutton)
Hansa Pilsener and SAB
Steve Jourdan & Kahlua (and the dose machine)
Hugh Bland & Mngazi River Bungalows
The Pope & Jannie Claasens
Yann le Clezio & Cameron Mackenzie
Rennie Naidoo of Supervision Services
Highover’s Dave Edwards
Hella Hella Outdoor Centre’s Denis & Craig Drennan
Doug Mellor of the Plaza Hotel
Robin Friedman and Hillcrest Scout troop

Author: bewilderbeast

It's about life, marriage, raising kids, paddling rivers, travel in Africa . . . re-posting thoughts written over decades - at random, I'm afraid.

2 thoughts on “Officials & Sponsors”

  1. I am afraid the Bill Barron we knew passed on a few years ago. Bill was active in the Durban underwater club and Kingfisher Canoe Club, so if that’s also your Bill I am sorry to give you such sad news. We all miss Bill a lot, he was quite a character.

    I so appreciate you contacting me…I’m pretty sure from the way he was described that he was the one. The news is sad but I know that Bill lived life the way he wanted. 🙂


  2. I am from America and am trying to find Bill Barron. I believe this is the Bill I know. Is there anyway you can forward my contact to him? I am staying at the Protea Hotel, Chartwell Dr, Umhlanga. (I have been away 32 years and am trying to track down old friends…I leave on Tuesday 6th.) I know this is crazy but I would appreciate any help.


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