Lorna Oliver

Hi Pete

I can’t remember much about the race. It was a while ago. Was that the three day one. I definitely did a three day Umko in a K1 as a junior. I don’t remember dad being around, but I think he must have been. I was in a white water boat with a rudder. I think it was a medium level river ‘cos I don’t remember being terrified.

The next year (1993) I was also in a K1 and that year it was very low. I remember shooting 5&6. Rick Whitton was there and showing us all where to go. But I definitely remember doing the three day one almost entirely on my own. Don’t remember any other women in K1’s. There weren’t many women full-stop. They were usually in mixed doubles.

I was a lot braver back then, a lot more wary of the Umko now than I used to be.

Hope this helps – Lorna


Hi Pete,

She was paddling on her own most of the time. I started with her, both in K1’s, and we did day one mostly together. On day two I had a badly upset stomach and withdrew at Riverside. Lorna carried on to the finish by herself.  There were lots of friends around her though.

I don’t know if she was the 1st K1 woman, but certainly the first girl.

Regards – John



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