Kevin Culverwell

From: Kevin Culverwell
Sent: 03 December 2015 02:13 PM
Subject: Umkomaas Marathon

Hi Pete/Geoff,
I don’t know if you have the result of the 1969 Umko but it was won by Paul Chalupsky & Kevin Culverwell. It was probably one of the biggest water years ever.
Paul Chalupsky also won the race with Glynn Horton but I am not sure which year that was. Paul is back living in Durban & can probably help you with that.
As far as I can recollect Paul also won the 1968 race in a single – it was SA Ki marathon Champs.
There was a lot of rivalry between the clubs in those days & the Willan brothers let Pop Chalupsky’s tent down on him & were lucky to escape serious injury as he came out from under the collapsed tent brandishing a four pound hammer!!!
In that year the tractor with the food & gear went off the road & the paddlers etc were left without anything until late in the night.
Needless to say Pop Chalupsky had brought his own vehicle through & had all the necessary provisions etc for his crew. So his guys were OK. He never trusted anyone else !!
I trust some of this might be of use.
Good luck,I llok forward to reading the book.
Kind regards,

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