Han van Ardenne

Han paddled with John Oliver the year after the big flood (the banks at Josephines were still being repaired).

John broke his paddle, looked up at the helicopter hovering overhead. The pilot signalled “OK?” John signalled “come!”

Han waited with the boat while John wafted off in luxury.
Five hours later John came walking back, new paddle in hand.
Too late to continue, they trudged back to Josephines carrying the boat.
There they got the site induna to phone Margie who came and fetched them.

So John had TWO luxury rescues in one day!

Han did 24 Umkos in a row!

One with Kelway Tanner in high water where they wrapped deep in the valley (near Riverside?).

Han surfaced, the boat didn’t. Then Kelway surfaced with a huge gash in his leg pouring blood. “The bone was showing!”

Han doctored him with a T-shirt-and-duct-tape bandage.

They finished at Goodenough’s.

Kelway went straight on to hospital for many stitches.

Author: bewilderbeast

It's about life, marriage, raising kids, paddling rivers, travel in Africa . . . re-posting thoughts written over decades - at random, I'm afraid.

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