Trevor McWade – ‘upon the seventh attempt, and lo . .’

A character he was. A myth built up around his non-finishes and spectacular break-ups on the Umko. The stories varied from “He completed his first Umko on his seventh attempt” – to “only on his tenth attempt did he finally finish an Umko”.

Actually, according to bro-in-law Ernest Alder, Trevor completed his first Umko in 1969, his second in 1970, then embarked on a series of mishaps starting in the high ’72 race and earning him the 1975  Wreckers Trophy at KCC. This started the myth of Trevor NOT finishing an Umko until FINALLY . . .

So now we know he actually broke up four consecutive times before completing his 3rd Umko.

He eventually did 12 Umkos in all. He was Trevor James McWade.


Hi Pete

Trevor did 12 Umkos in 1969, 70,76,77,80,81,82,85,86,87,88,90.

He was awarded the KCC “Wreckers Trophy” in 1975 ( I think this was for wrecking from 1971 to 1975). (Ed: The 1971 race was moved to late summer, therefore into 1972).


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