Ken Reynolds – Shoes dispensed, Shots dispensed

UMKO Kahlua
Ken dispensing Kahlua shots


From the 1993 race report:

Ken Reynolds spent three hours at St. Elmos trying to catch a snake to put into Mark Perrow’s sleeping bag!


Ken Reynolds has many a tale but one that comes to mind is of him and his partner walking out of the valley furious with each other and each with only one shoe. In petulant mood they both tossed their one shoe away so neither could have shoes and trudged on kaalvoet through the thorns!

There is also a storey about Ken paddling with Ian Budd. They broke up around 5&6 and while walking back to No8 Ken spotted a snake which would bring in some beer money from the snake park in Dur ban. Once he had caught it he stuffed it into his juice bottle for safe keeping. The bottle was placed in the car at No.8, however when it came to departure time the snake was no longer in the bottle. It was nowhere to be found. Budd refused to travel back to Durban in the vehicle. I believe the snake was only found a few days later.
Rob Davey

Rumour has it Ken’s famous in-depth interview he gave after winning the Umko in ____ won a Toastmasters’ Award. Full text of his speech:

“I’m glad that’s over!”


Swimmming down Old Buck rapid after rescuing their boat he was pleased (?) to see his partner Mark Conway running along the bank shouting “Well done, Kenny!”



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