Arthur ‘Toekoe’ Egerton – “is this 5&6?”

GrandCanyon'84 Toekoe Egerton

Arthur Egerton’s description of his first paddle on the Umkomaas went something like this:

“We set off from Hella Hella and came to No.1 and I fell out! Then we got to No.2 and I fell out. The same happened at No’s. 3 and 4! Then we came to this huge rapid! This must be 5&6?

There were some people on the bank and we shouted across to them – ‘Is this 5 and 6?”

“No you have just reached No.1!”

King Arthur’s Sabre

Arthur “Toekoe” Egerton was one of canoeing’s characters. When he bought his first Sabre he christened it “Excalibur”.

ADD: The exploding starting pistol incident . .


Toekoe in repose, beer in hand

Arthur Egerton

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